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Welcome to Our  Website.
We are located 45 miles southeast of the Straits of Mackinac & the world famous Mackinac Bridge. Here you will find what Bev & Gary are doing and where they have been in the motorhome. You may also find pictures of the area where they live.
Rainy River Weather Summary for March:
Highest Temperature:
Lowest Temperature: -13.9
Record High: 72
Record Low: -23
Average High: 39
Average Low: 17.4

Rainfall: 0.5"
Average Rainfall: 1.96"

Snowfall: 3"
Average Snowfall: 15.3"   To Date: 41"
On Ground: 0"
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Welcome to Bev and Gary's Website
Last update: April 9, 2015
Weather Station Rainy River is the actual weather conditions on our property, as measured by our on-site weather station and broadcast to the Weather Underground www.wunderground.com
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